Application Monitoring


Application monitoring is a process that ensures that a software application processes and performs in an expected manner and scope. This technique routinely identifies, measures and evaluates the performance of an application and provides the means to isolate and rectify any abnormalities or shortcomings. Application monitoring is also known as application performance monitoring (APM) and application performance management (APM). The application monitoring process is generally enabled through specialized APM software that is integrated within the primary application that is being monitored. Typically, application monitoring provides runtime metrics of system performance, which are provided to the application administrator. These metrics include the transaction time, system response, transaction volume and overall health of the back-end infrastructure. Generally, the metrics are delivered via an APM software dashboard in the form of graphical figures and statistics. These figures make it possible to evaluate the performance of an application or the overall application infrastructure. Application monitoring also assess the end-user experience and component-level performance of the application....

Application Monitoring Tools

New Relic APM

New Relic rsquo s APM solution has you up and running, monitoring your applications with full visibility, within five minutes. And there’s no additional infrastructure, support or configuration required on an ongoing basis. New Relic provides actionable insights into application data in an easy-to-understand format through an intuitive interface. New Relic APM collects data on a variety of parameters and offers custom dashboards so you can view the data that matters to you.

Key Features: ;

  • Application Monitoring provides performance trends at-a-glance
  • Browser Monitoring gives insights from the user perspective
  • Track SQL statements responsible for slow performance
  • Full visibility into problem transactions
  • Low-impact production thread profiler
  • Code-level diagnostics
  • Cross-Application Tracing
  • Monitor critical business transactions independent of application

Lite: FREE (24-hour data retention)

Pro: $149/month/host (unlimited data retention, code-level visibility)

Enterprise: Contact for a quote (Full feature set)


AppDynamics is more than just an APM. Self-described as an application intelligence platform, AppDynamics monitors application performance and then derives insights into how application performance is impacting business operations. From data collection to processing and then deriving knowledge from your data, AppDynamics provides full visibility into exactly how application performance is affecting your business.

Key Features: 

  • Monitor Java, .NET, PHP and more
  • Diagnose and eliminate problems at code-level
  • Visualize your entire application stack
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dynamic transaction flow maps
  • Multi-dimensional, cross-correlated drill-down
  • Real-time business metrics
  • Performance metrics and business metrics correlated in real-time
  • Custom, drag-and-drop HTML5 dashboards
  • Query language for data discovery
  • Custom extensions for integration with third-party tools

Basic: FREE forever (after 15-day Pro trial))

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Foglight monitors and manages performance across multiple technologies, including Java or .NET, virtual and physical servers, databases and more, offering insight into how your users interact with your applications. Foglight helps you create a better user experience and ensures that your IT environment is adequately supporting your company’s needs. Offering a slew of products to cover everything from the most widely used technologies to the most unique, Foglight allows you to create a customized APM solution for end-to-end management.

Key Features: 

  • Manage the user experience from multiple perspectives
  • Application server monitoring and diagnostics
  • Monitor and manage databases
  • SLA monitoring and dashboards
  • Monitor your middleware environment
  • Monitor infrastructure from multiple perspectives
  • Select products by technology platform
  • Monitor custom and web-based applications
  • Solutions for ERP/CRM applications
  • Monitor employee productivity applications
  • Incident counts and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of incidents
  • Improve compliance with end-user SLAs

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Compuware APM

Compuware has rebranded its application performance management product line, re-labeling all products with a single brand name, Compuware APM. This lineup includes Compuware’s popular APM products, Gomez and dynaTrace, integrated and unified to provide a modern APM solution that meets the demands of the increasingly challenging application performance management landscape. By choosing the solutions that fit your environment and platforms, you get a customized application performance management solution providing comprehensive performance management tools without the added weight of extraneous tools.

Key Features: 

  • Java, .NET and PHP solution
  • End-to-end, code-level monitoring
  • Enterprise Tiers for transaction tracing
  • Traces through web servers and messaging frameworks
  • Distributed and mainframe applications
  • Production, testing and development tools
  • User-experience monitoring
  • Real and synthetic monitoring for enterprise apps
  • Application-aware network monitoring
  • Monitor application performance in public, private or hybrid clouds

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