Web Applications Performance Testing

Building a Website!! or a web based application

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We now have a shorter Attention Span than goldfish

This extensive study by Microsoft Corp. found out that average human attention span has reduced from whopping(!) 12 seconds in 2012 to mere 8 seconds in 2015. The average attention span of a so-called ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds. The study found that people generally lose concentration after 8 seconds, as a result of our increasingly digitized lifestyle. So if your customers can't see your complete webpage or do what they want to on your web or mobile app within 8 seconds, you lose them forever.

Consider that 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and 40% will abandon the page if it takes longer than three seconds to load, according to an oft-cited Akamai study from 2009. What's worse is that 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site visit will go somewhere else to shop next time.

A fast-loading website or app is more likely to convert a browser to a sale, and it gives a better impression of the brand. Just a one second delay in page-load can cause conversions to drop by 7% according to a study by Tag Man.

There are plenty of reasons why your web applications need performance test and they are all probably pretty good ones. However doing performance testing can and should have a much simpler motivation - not ROI or business readiness or even customer satisfaction. No, the real reason for doing performance testing is that it just makes sense. Really, it just makes sense to do it and keep on doing it every time we build onto existing web application, fix broken software or build new from scratch.

Why TuneIT?

At TuneIT, we understands the value of performance, It just not win you more business, it makes you look good.

TuneIT can help you in carrying out end to end performance testing for your web-applications. Our engineers are expert in performance testing of all kind of web applications built on Microsoft platform, Java, ERP or any other platform and they can operate almost all Industry standard tools e.g. HP LoadRunner, NeoLoad, JMeter and may others.

If you are looking to hire web application performance testers for your web application or want to outsource web app performance testing projects on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore software testing team, get in touch with Tune IT today.

Our Web Application Performance Testing services include:

  • » Load & Stress Testing
  • » Capacity Planning & Hardware sizing
  • » Endurance & Stability Assessment
  • » Memory Profiling & Memory Leakage Detection
  • » Volume & Growth Testing
  • » Production Monitoring Setup & Trend Analysis